QLD Civil Engineering’s management and civil construction team has extensive experience in utility installation, relocation and maintenance.
The highest standards of quality and customer service are achieved by a directly employed, experienced workforce, and supported by modern plant, tools and equipment.
Our employees undergo continual training to ensure skills, capabilities, quality and health & safety are developed and maintained.
While our team specialises in open trench construction, we utilise the skills of our experienced sub-contractors for boring and directional drilling, allowing us to operate across both traditional and trenchless technologies.
QLD Civil Engineering has quickly gained a reputation for high quality work and has been identified as a preferred contractor to perform Live Connections for Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) External Works (Major Works) division. This includes live connections for water and sewerage infrastructure.

Water and Sewerage Infrastructure

With our core strengths in water and sewerage infrastructure, we provide a comprehensive range of services, including:

New pipeline construction

  • Polyethylene (PE) systems
  • PVC systems
  • Ductile Iron (DICL) systems
  • Mild Steel (MSCL) systems

Water and Sewer relocations

Water and Sewer replacements (Including replacement of Asbestos (AC) mains)

Pump station construction, alterations and upgrades

Valve chambers and assemblies

Manhole / Chamber / Pit construction (Including PE lining)

Maintenance, repairs and upgrades to existing network assets

Valve and hydrant maintenance

Property connections

Bypass and Flow Control

Leak identification

Testing, chlorination, CCTV inspections and commissioning

Storm Water Infrastructure

An extension of our pipe laying capabilities, QLD Civil Engineering provides a range of services, including:

New pipeline and culvert construction

  • Reinforced concrete pipes (RCP)
  • PVC systems
  • Glass reinforced plastic systems (GRP)
  • Reinforced concrete box culverts (RCBC)

Gully pit, manhole and chamber construction and installation

Rock gabion and rock mattress installation

Headwall construction and installation

Spillway construction

Telecommunications & Electrical

QLD Civil Engineering provides support to the telecommunications and electrical industry specialists. Specialising and focused on the civil works area of the industry, we are able to operate across both small and large scale projects, while providing a quality service to our customers. Our capabilities include:

Conduit installation



Break out and reinstate footpaths, pavements and driveways

Installation and replacement of pits and lids

Manhole construction

Raise, lower and repair pits and manholes


Our civil contracting services are provided to all sizes of infrastructure and civil projects. Often undertaken in conjunction with our multi-utility projects, our capabilities include:

Reinforced concrete structures, including reservoirs and storage tanks

Bulk excavation and earthworks

Storage lagoons

Streetscape upgrades

QLD Civil Engineering is also licenced to perform Class B Asbestos Removal.

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